11. March 2018 - 11:00 till 23:00
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Waikru Ajarn Fon BE2561 拜师日 | Yishun, Singapore | Sunday, 11. March 2018

Siam Village Amulets will be organsing Waikru Ajarn Fon BE2561 hosting teacher will be Grandmaster Ord as usual.

Waikru day is a day to pay respect to the spiritual teachers and also gratitude performing day to sought blessings throughout the year.

Siam Village Amulets brings the whole waikru process into Singapore to let all to witnesses the whole sacred ceremony.

*Attendees are strictly the existing customers of Siam Village Amulets, existing disciples referrals and existing disciples of Grandmaster Ord.

Whole event includes the sacred symbol of the spiritual teacher.. (Pan Kru Plate) which consist of

3 meter of white cloth
1 pair of Yellow Candle
Joss sticks
Sacred katha slip
1 lotus.
This pankru set had to be brought home and place on the altar for a year for all ur upcoming wishmaking prayers to Ajarn Fon.

Waikru event package:
New attendees :$88.00 + $10 to be tamboon on Waikru Day.
Existing disciples : $68.00 + $10 to be tamboon on Waikru Day.

All packages will comes with the yant kru on the head, palm and legs. You may opt out the saktants for the palms and legs.

Pls start to PM and we will finalise the attendees on 28th Fen 2018.
The whole event attendees will kept at 100 attendees max.