15. November 2018 - 8:30 till 10:00
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Assertiveness & Language Transformation Techniques for the Workplace| Skill Share Breakfast | Impact Hub Zurich, Colab Location | Thursday, 15. November 2018

Usually, saying NO at the workplace is considered something you should not is because many believe that saying NO in a direct way would be notappreciated and could lead to bad consequences. In many cases, and depending onyour direct management, it can be true. However, by learning the right skills ofassertiveness, diplomacy and win-win negotiations, you can potentially say anything!Transformation and perspective is key! This can lead to great results at work. Youcan unleash your creativity more, your potential and express your needs withoutfearing for the worst. YES, IT’S POSSIBLE!
What we will be working withI will show you how we can transform simple requests that seem impossible at work,in reasonable questions and why this is the right thing to do. We will write and we willdo roleplay exercises. We will tackle your most difficult requests.
What you will learn3 Main things to keep in mind: RECOGNIZE- TRANSFORM- PRACTICE- How to recognize when you are saying YES at work, but you wished to havesaid NO- How to transform what could be a difficult request to of from your manager(tasks reassignments, work during holidays, extra hours, general needs), intoa REAL possibility, using a new type of language- How to practice it, so that it becomes natural- Some body language techniques that can come handyYou will walk home with tools that you can apply immediately. It is indeed possible toSPEAK UP! You can be a happy employee, I promise!
For whom?Anyone with difficulties making requests at work or saying NO, middle managers,team leaders, employees in general!
Alessandra Patti is an accredited coach an founder of FindYourWay CoachingServices company in Zurich. She is also one of the authors of “Activate Your Life –50 transformational exercises for coaches around the world”- an amazing book withexercises from coaches around the world, targeting clients and also coaches, whocan use those exercises in their practices. She is a keen writer, reader and she hasmore than 7 year experience in Marketing and Communication, a certificate inPsychology and a master degree in Translation. This is why she loves languagetransformation techniques and she has also another love: Salsa dancing. She is amember at impact Hub and can’t wait to share these skills with you