16. September 2018 - 10:00 till 13:00
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I*m Perfect Workshop: The Power of Self-Acceptance | Yoga Tribe | Sunday, 16. September 2018

Ever wondered how accepting yourself can change your life?
Acceptance instead of judgement and self-criticism gives you a world of possibilities. It enhances compassion, freedom, and self-esteem like nothing else.
When you start to accept yourself, not only do you feel at peace and more empowered every day, you can also start to live your life at its fullest. Accepting yourself means you can finally tap into your qualities and strengths to create the life you truly want... It all starts from within!
"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don't need to be accepted by others, you need to accept yourself."  - Thich Nhat Hanh
In this unique workshop, we explore why accepting ourselves in the modern world is so challenging and we give you the tools you need to become more compassionate, mindful and connected towards yourself and your life.
Through discussions and mediation, we allow you to connect with your mind and become aware of your inner-critic and self-limiting beliefs that have been holding you in the past. Through accessible yoga practices, we give you the space to connect with your body and feelings in the present moment, letting all judgements aside.

Benefits from this workshop:

More connection in all areas of your life
Reduce stress and increase peace-of-mind
Increase your mental clarity

What we will do:

Identify modern barriers to self-acceptance and distinguish it from self-esteem
Generate deep compassion for your self
Meditate on acceptance of all things
Develop mind and body awareness through yoga practices
Learn daily self-acceptance practices to take home with you
Learn to free yourself from the past and to create your future from your deepest aspirations

We will also provide an optional follow-up call for participants who wish to have further guidance in developing their self-acceptance practices.

13:00-13:15: Introductions
13:15-13:30: Overview of self-acceptance
13:30-14:00: Yoga
14:00-14:15: Break
14:15-14:30: Tools for self-acceptance
14:30-15:00: Yoga
15:00-15:30: Meditation
15:30-16:00: Group Discussion

* Yoga sessions will be on mats, but special clothing is not required (just come as you are)

Event photo by Daniel Polo on Unsplash