22. August 2018 - 8:30 till 10:00
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Sales Strategy | Skill Share Breakfast | Impact Hub Zurich | Wednesday, 22. August 2018

Generating turnover through sales is the ultimate goal and make-or-break moment of any venture. The inconvenient truth though for all new business ideas and products is: Even the innovation of the century becomes irrelevant if you can’t sell it. In contrast, there are countless examples of mediocre-to-average products that have become a major commercial success as a result of great marketing.
During this skillshare breakfast, I am sharing my personal experiences from 10 years of building and managing B2B marketing and sales organizations in the US and in Europe. Above all, my goal is to help companies with little or no sales traction to turn their capabilities into revenues by sharing easy-to-implement and practical experiences. Among other things, I will cover the following topics
-        Sales Strategy Basics: To whom, how, and at what price am I selling
-        Salesforce Management: What kind of sales people should I hire and what should I pay them
-        Distribution Partners: how do I find, acquire and manage the right channel partners to serve new geographic regions and market segments
-        Ramp-Up: How do we shift our sales efforts from early adopters to mainstream, mass market customers
-        MVP validation: how do I know whether to pivot (change what I’m selling) or persevere (sell harder)
The content will be tailored to B2B start-ups looking to develop their go-to-market strategy and/or companies looking to expand into previously uncovered markets and customer segments.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me beforehand: _EMAIL

Building High-Performance B2B Marketing & Sales Organizations in the US and Europe
Business Model Innovation and product-marketing-strategy for SMEs
Start-Up Life Cycle Management (Launch-Growth-Exit) and Post-Merger-Integration
Industry Experience: Pharma / Biotech, Medical Technology, Healthcare